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Never close down for a project!

We do remodeling work around your schedule when you are slow or closed so you don't lose business.

No extra charges for night work

Because restaurants are what we do, we don't charge a premium for night remodeling work. Instead we have dedicated full-time overnight remodeling contractors that are regularly scheduled for night work.

We work around YOUR schedule

We are not like other construction companies, with us you SAY when we work, not the other way around. Our remodeling contractors will tailor the renovation project to the needs of your specific restaurant so we work as efficiently as possible around the needs of YOUR customers.

Exteriors by Concrete Contractors in Pennsylvania

The exterior of your restaurant can entice customers to stop in or send them away to your competitors. An inviting exterior and parking area is essential to a thriving restaurant business.

Whether your exterior needs a full face lift to add greater curb appeal or you just need to replace broken concrete sidewalks to ensure customer safety, KC Restaurant Renovations will do a great job for you. We are one of the leading concrete contractors in Pennsylvania.

We offer a variety of services to keep the exterior of your restaurant looking inviting and well-maintained.

  • Façade. Have a new design or theme? Just want to change colors? Whatever you need to make your façade just right for you we can handle. We've extended entry ways, added towers, created decorative over hangs and made stamp-crete walk-ways leading to the restaurant. We are one of the few concrete contractors in Pennsylvania that can handle any need.
  • Stucco, Stone, vinyl, wood
  • Painting
  • Exterior Lighting Upgrades
  • Dumpster Enclosures
    Don't let your dumpsters be an eye sore to everyone going by. We can create an enclosure that will match your restaurants look regardless of what material it is.
    • Concrete Block Enclosures, (painted or stucco)
    • Wood Enclosures
    • Chain-link Enclosures
  • Dumpster Gates
    Has your trash hauler dinged up your gates? Has the wind taken them for a ride? If your enclosure is in good shape but your gates are not, let us help you out. We'll see if your gate posts can be salvaged and give you options for every budget.

    • Heavy Duty Metal Frame w/ Metal Deck Inserts.
    • Wood
    • Chain-link
  • Concrete - Sidewalks
    From one panel to your entire walkway, we've got you covered. We've become the top concrete contractor for Darden Restaurants, (Olive Garden, Red Lobster...), in the North East where the weather wreaks havoc on concrete. We've gone to Maine for a new sidewalk and we've been to Buffalo for new ada handi-cap ramps and we've been everywhere in-between.

    We reinforce our concrete to limit future movement and we apply protective sealant to make the finish last as long as possible. No job too small or large for our concrete contractors in Pennsylvania.

  • Concrete - Dumpster Area Approach and Pad
  • Entry Doors
    • Metal, wood or fiberglass
    • Jambs, casings, hinges, weather stripping, closures...

  • Service Doors
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