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Never close down for a project!

We do remodeling work around your schedule when you are slow or closed so you don't lose business.

No extra charges for night work

Because restaurants are what we do, we don't charge a premium for night remodeling work. Instead we have dedicated full-time overnight remodeling contractors that are regularly scheduled for night work.

We work around YOUR schedule

We are not like other construction companies, with us you SAY when we work, not the other way around. Our remodeling contractors will tailor the renovation project to the needs of your specific restaurant so we work as efficiently as possible around the needs of YOUR customers.

Does Your Kitchen Need a Makeover?

Even though your customers may never see the kitchen, it's still important to keep it in great shape. From our experience, we've found that restaurants that have the best kitchens (large or small) offer the best dining experience for customers.

Kitchen Remodeling & Upgrades

At KC Restaurant Renovations, we can handle everything from the ceiling to the floor and everything in between. Whether you'd like to give your kitchen area a whole new look or just need to seal some cracks and gaps that your health inspector pointed out, we can help.

We offer a variety of services to make your kitchen more attractive and efficient.

Drop Ceilings.

  • This includes new drop ceiling tile, grid, speakers, lights and HVAC outlets.

Wall Cladding.

  • FRP, (fiberglass reinforced wall panel), Tile, Stainless steel panels.

Tile and Grout.

New Storage systems and Shelving.

  • Pass-through-the-wall stainless steel shelving.
  • Lockable liquor racks.
  • additional racks/shelves at your dish wash area.

Drains and drain-line replacement.
Are your drains working properly? Are there odors coming from them? We can coordinate several tests to diagnose your drain-line problems. Whether the line is 1 foot underground or 5 feet underground, we'll get access to it and fix it, all while keeping you up and running.

  • Drain and trap replacements

Equipment Changeouts.

  • Dish washers, Dish tables...

Eliason and Swinging Door installations.

Electrical Service Upgrades

Sub-Floor repair.
In several different areas through-out the North East, we run into issues with the concrete floor beneath the tile being damaged by frost heave. Whether it's caused by your walk-in freezer, or just poor insulation when originally built, we'll get to the bottom of it and repair it, all while keeping you up and running.

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